KEMARO AG was founded in 2016. In its first three years, the company was in a development phase, and as of 2019, it was ready for the market. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions, covering the topics Cleaning Environment, about the K900, data protection, maintenance, and training.

Cleaning environment

Does the K900 only clean flat and smooth floors?
The K900 can handle a 12% slope. It cannot negotiate steps or other obstacles.

Does the K900 have a fall prevention mechanism?
Yes, the robot has a fall prevention mechanism – this is a main safety feature of the robot. However, the robot must not be used in an environment with unprotected edges (drop heights greater than 2 meters).

Can the K900 clean outside?
The K900 is primarily designed for indoor cleaning. Outdoor cleaning with the K900 is possible in dry weather conditions and if the area is enclosed and protected from theft.

How does the K900 react to liquids on the ground? E.g., water or oil spills?
The K900 can clean in damp environments and on wet floors. It does not detect puddles of water or other liquids and is not designed to sweep up liquids. The inside of the robot and the filter can get wet. Yes, the robot is dust and water protected (IP54); however, the required maintenance then increases. The robot should be cleaned after operating in the wet to ensure that the dirt does not stick. The robot’s wheels lose grip in oily liquids. This causes the K900 to lose its spacial orientation. Important: The filter can get wet but must be dried thoroughly afterwards. If there is frequent contact with liquids, we recommend using a second filter so that the filters can be swapped and dried well between uses.

How do the K900’s components react to salt and glass?
Exposure to broken glass, dust or salt residue can increase the wear on the brushes and other parts. At this stage we are not aware of any long-term salt effects.

Is the K900 temperature resistant?
The battery can charge in an ambient temperature range of 0 to 45°C. However, the ideal temperature range lies between 10 and 30°C, achieving the maximum service life.

Does the K900 have ATEX approval?
The K900 does not have ATEX approval and must not be used in explosive environments.

About the K900

How long does it take to charge the K900?
The charging time is approximately 90 minutes.

How long does one charge last?
The K900 can clean for 3-5 hours on a full battery charge, depending on its suction power settings.

Are there different brush models for the K900?
Yes, different brush strengths can be purchased.

Does the K900 have a level indicator for its dirt container?
No, the K900 does not have a level indicator. It returns to the charging station after a pre-defined time has elapsed. The dirt container must be emptied manually, and the action then confirmed on the robot. The robot then continues cleaning.

What happens when the dirt container is full?
The K900 continues operating for the defined cleaning time even if the dirt container is already full. The air filter continues cleaning during this time.

Is there a GPS integrated in the K900?
No. The sensors and its sophisticated software orientate the robot in a room without additional infrastructural hardware (beacons, positioning aids or systems). The robot runs independently, without requiring a GPS signal.

Does the K900 need Internet?
To use the K900’s complete functionality an internet connection is required. The robot can operate without the Internet, but then cannot access the KEMARO Cloud.

Which parts of the K900 are subject to wear?
The disk brushes, roller brush, air filter, and any lips and seals are considered wear parts. The battery and other parts can also be replaced if necessary but are not considered wear parts.

How much weight can the filled dirt container hold?
The dirt container can hold up to 15 kg of dirt.

Do the buttons 1, 2 and 3 represent the cleaning modes 1, 2 and 3?
At start-up, these buttons are linked to the three most common cleaning modes. These can be reconfigured by the user.

Is the remote control included in the price?
Yes, the remote control is included in the delivery as standard.


Can the 3D sensor recognize faces or labels?
No. The current algorithms cannot identify objects.

What information collected by the robot is stored in the cloud?
The environment map, device run times, and saved cleaning times are stored in the cloud.

Maintenance and training

How long is the K900 covered by its warranty?
The warranty period is 1 year. A 2-year warranty is available at an additional cost.

How long do the two brushes last?
In a common logistics application, the brushes will last a little over a year. However, his depends on the use, the dirt, and the floor condition. You can easily replace the brushes yourself.

How often do I have to empty the dirt container?
This depends on how much dirt is in the environment the robot is cleaning, and how long it is operating. You may need to empty the container several times a day if there is lots of dirt, or only a few times a week. The frequency also decreases when the K900 cleans regularly.

How often do you need to clean out the filter?
This depends on how much dirt is in the environment the robot is cleaning, and how long it is operating. Ideally, the filter should be checked at least once a week and cleaned (beaten out or vacuumed) if necessary.

How often does the filter need to be replaced?
This depends on how the robot is used and how regularly it receives maintenance. Generally, the filter must be replaced 2-3 times a year, though if operating in extremely dusty environments we would recommend replacing it 3-4 times a year.

What services are available? Are these included in the purchase price?
An optional maintenance contract can be purchased which means that the robot is serviced once a year by KEMARO AG.

How long do I have to wait for a service technician if something breaks?
As a rule, a service technician will be with you in 3-5 business days.

When is support available?
Support is available on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00.

Are customers trained before they buy a K900?
Yes, customers are trained by the salesperson when the robot is first being commissioned. The KEMARO Academy learning platform is also available to customers once they have purchased a robot to review what they have learnt and ask the KEMARO team further questions.

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